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A Note On Novelty Cakes


Back when I was in my mid teens, I poured all of my focus into making fondant covered

novelty cakes. When I later started my business, that was basically the only thing I made - if you've ordered from me before there's a high chance that's what you got! Unfortunately, as a small business with limited funds, these are no longer profitable for me to do in terms of time and money. I've now found a love for making cakes based mostly on flavour and decadence so I hope that's something customers will love too!

That being being said, I wouldn't deny any requests for novelty cakes without consideration. After all, my business is about the customer! If you would like a novelty cake for a special occasion and wouldn't mind paying a bit more than my other cakes, I'd be happy to price it up to see if it's something that would work for the both of us. Also, if you're an existing customer, I'm certainly more inclined to make a novelty cake for you as your loyalty means a lot!


Janey x

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